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Every Canucks jersey combined into 1 disgusting nightmare sweater

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when the canucks win the cup give this to kesler

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I’ve got a great family and great people around me that would be able to kick me in the shins if I ever for one minute got lost up in the clouds. I’ve been really lucky in that sense.

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Alicia Florrick - Rolling Eyes

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" There’s an impulse with this to blame the women.
It’s not their fault. It’s as bad as if someone went to their home and pulled the covers down while they were asleep. "

- Tina Fey, on the nude celeb selfie leaked. (via jagweedcabbit)

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Happy 30th Birthday to Prince Harry of Wales!
You have accomplished so much in your 30 years, including the amazing Invictus Games that took place this week. Your passion and commitment to your charities and your drive to help others is beyond compare. Congratulations on the big 3-0 and here’s to many, many more birthdays to come!